Sustainable concrete with geopolymer

Sustainable concrete with geopolymer

For the tender of a new bypass between the N69 road (Valkenswaard) and motorway A67 (Veldhoven), Jansen Beton BV has conducted researched into the application of geopolymer concrete (concrete made from geopolymers). In July 2018, in conjunction with Mobilis Apeldoorn and Delta Concrete, Jansen Beton BV carried out extensive testing for this purpose.

Greenest road in Brabant

The environmental impact of the new road needed to be minimal: in the brief, the road was to become the ‘greenest’ road in Brabant. Jansen Beton BV thus set about finding a sustainable solution through, among others, the use of geopolymer concrete. In this concrete application, the traditional cement used as a binding agent is replaced by mineral substances, alkalines and an activator (geopolymer). As such, CO2 emissions are considerably lower – by between 20 and 70% – improving environmental performance.


Research methodĀ 

To explore the potential of geopolymer concrete, a test was performed on the various concrete variants. Four formworks with rebars were filled with concrete, along with a number of Legioblocks and test cube moulds. The conditions were simulated by turning the concrete from the mixing plant for some 45 minutes in the mixer. This reflected the period of time that the trucks would be travelling to the construction site. Two types of recycled aggregates were used during the test: recycled aggregate from Helmond and aggregate from our Thermal Cleaning Facility (TCF).


The results of the tests were all positive. The processability of the concrete was good, as were the hardening and removal of the concrete from the formwork. Compressive strength after testing was also more than adequate. The test results were consistent with the predictions of the Delta Concrete consultant and demonstrated that polymer concrete represents an excellent choice. Jansen Beton BV anticipates using more of these concrete applications in the future, given their alignment with a vision for ‘greener’ concrete production.

A video of the test was produced in collaboration with Delta Concrete and Mobilis Apeldoorn. The video is here available to view.



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