Self-levelling screeds

From its production location in Son, Jansen Beton supplies Gyvlon calcium sulphate-bound anhydrite floor screeds. The Gyvlon anhydrite self-levelling screeds are divided into three product groups, each with their own mix recipe and specific properties.

  • Gyvlon Classic – The proven standard in self-levelling screeds in regular house building and non-residential construction for many years. Qualities: C12 to C35, F3 to F7.
  • Gyvlon Sky – Easy-to-use screed cement for floors at heights between 60 and 160m. Qualities: C16 to C35, F4 to F7.
  • Gyvlon Reno – The ideal solution for renovating thin floors on old surfaces (course thickness: 10 to 40mm). Qualities: C25 to C35, F6 to F7.


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